Different Bikes


After 12 seasons of selling, servicing and generally just loving bikes, we have now handed off this passion to a new generation of owners.

It was a fun ride!

On September 18th 2017, Different Bikes North Van became Comor Sports North Van., and as of Friday October 27th, Different Bikes West Vancouver is now La Bicicletta West Van.

To all of our past customers – you're in excellent hands in both locations.

We’d like to sincerely thank a very long list of people and companies for their support, patronage, time, and passion for the sport, including but not limited to:

  • The wide range of interesting, talented folks that were part of our staff over the years
  • Our many thousands of past customers across the North Shore, Sea to Sky, Lower Mainland and across Canada
  • Our excellent group of  supplier partners
  • And especially, our friends and family who tirelessly supported and promoted our little venture from that first crazy winter night in a tiny, unfinished ex-restaurant in Ambleside.

Ride lots, give back to your trails and to your community, and … ride more!

Andy, Mo, Matt, Graham and Rob

Questions? askus@differentbikes.ca