Online Store Manager

Job Title: Online Store Manager
Education: Bachelor’s Degree required
Skills: Social Media Management
Schedule: Flexible

Store Manager Position

As an Online Store Manager at Different Bikes, you will be supposed to build and manage a strong bicycle store team. Your participation and work are essential to the whole company.


Your main goal is to create a flourishing online store that will continue growing and bringing significance to the community. As an online store manager you must be able to carry out the following tasks:

  • Increase online store sales;
  • Track daily results and progress;
  • Wisely relocate costs to ensure maximum profit;
  • Engage our customers to leave feedbacks;
  • Present a safe and friendly atmosphere for customers;
  • Seek ways of improving perspectives of the Different Bikes online store.


First of all, Online Store Manager is supposed to love bicycles and have a passion for riding them. It would help if you are into the opportunity of building a great team and developing our company. That’s why we expect you to have the following skills:

  • At least 2+ years of operating a business;
  • At least 2+ years of working in a sales company;
  • Good ability to achieve business goals;
  • Perfect communication and decision-making skills;
  • Excellent ability to deliver a professional customer service;
  • Genuine interest to improve your knowledge base.

If you are interested in this job position, please send your resume to this email address:

Website Administrator

Job Title: Website Administrator
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Field of Study: Web development, Computer science or related field
Skills: HTML, CSS, Php 7, MySQL, WordPress plagins, Wodrepress Admin UI, Java Script, Social Medias, AJAX
Schedule: Full-time, flexible

Website Administrator Position

As a Web Administrator, you will be supposed to handle web design, development and maintenance activities, as well as, perform testing of websites. One of your main duties is connected to security. You have to control systems for any attacks, and notify in case of security breaches.


First of all, you will be responsible for website interface which should be easy to understand and useful. You have to be able to add new content to our company’s website. Website Administrator should be sure that all pages on the website operate well and securely. You will have the following duties:

  • Execute system administration of a website;
  • Report about backups or recovery plans;
  • Fix testing-problems or provide recommendations for their solution;
  • Provide high levels of access and security;
  • Execute upgrades and updates on timely basis to avoid the loss of service;
  • Place and edit content on the website;
  • Post content on popular social medias (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook);
  • Discover key areas for further optimization and automation.


It would help if you had at least a bachelor’s degree to get a job of a website administrator. It is not easy to find a degree program concerning website administration; many website administration courses will allow you to be an expert in it. That’s why we expect you to have the following skills and qualifications:

  • At least 3 years of experience as a Website Administrator;
  • Proficient level of WordPress plugins and WordPress Admin UI;
  • Perfect PHP7, MySQL and HTML/CSS/AJAX/JavaScript Skills;
  • Oracle, PostgreSQL, and related SQL systems;
  • Knowledge of website and application security, as well as operating systems;
  • Tracking and virtualization of experience;
  • Excellent analytical, communication and problem-solving skills.

If you are interested in this job position, please send your resume to this email address: