Different Bikes for You

Different Bikes for You

«Different Bikes», a small local cycle chain in Vancouver. It is closed now. We have prepared for your alternative places to buy different bikes in Vancouver or on the Internet. Now you should not be upset about the closure of your favourite brand.

Bicycle TypeUse
City or Urban
Bicycle City
Moving around a city, commuting.
Bicycle Mountain
Off-roading, trails.
Bicycle Hybrid
Mix between mountain and racing.
Road or Racing
Bicycle Road
Paved roads. Speed.
A young man wearing a helmet is riding a cyclocross bicycle
On and off-road.
An orange touring bike is standing in the meadow
Long trips and expeditions. Road commuting.
Adventure Road
A man wearing a helmet and sports clothes is riding a bicycle in the mountans
Almost anywhere. From city riding to camping trips.
A man is riding a fitness bike in the city
City and and off-road commuting.

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Types and Styles of Bicycles

Since the stores in Vancouver have closed down, you’ll need to compare and learn about different kinds of bikes online before buying.

Types and Styles of Bicycles

Urban or City Bikes

Cruising the city to your favorite coffee shop is great when you have the right city bike. City bicycles sometimes accommodate different numbers of riders:

  • Most bicycles have only one rider.
  • Some cycles can carry one or two children.
  • Tandem cycles have two (or more) riders in a single file.
  • Sociables are cycles with two riders who sit side by side.

City cycles are optimized for the conditions of riding around the city. Riders will demand speed and excellent handling, but will also need to be able to turn and stop with much greater acumen than many other riding conditions.

Different Street Bikes

City cycles usually use an upright seating position with wide, mountain cycle style tires. These massive tires help riders avoid the kind of hazards that appear in cities, like metal and broken glass.

City cycles generally incorporate more flexible frames and forgiving suspension, which allows it to move on and off curbs and potholes with ease.

These machines generally move quickly, handle well, and are suspended nicely. Another feature of city machines is visibility. These machines have typically reflectors and lights attached for night riding.

Mountain Bicycle

Different Mountain Bikes

There are lots of cool mountain bikes, but you should check out this mountain bike. Mountain bikes are designed to handle trails, dirt, rocks, hills, and all kinds of dirty conditions. While city bikes are built to not puncture and break at the first pothole, mountain bikes are manufactured with suspension systems or hydraulic brakes to prevent riders from flying off the bike. Mountain bikes must be heavy enough to withstand the elements but light enough to be managed by the rider.

Hybrid Bikes

There are lots of different styles of hybrid bikes, meaning that the category includes lots of different materials. Hybrid cycles might be made from:

  • Bamboo. Bamboo makes a durable yet flexible frame. Plus, bamboo is sustainable and grows back.
  • Steel. A common material for bicycle frames because it is lightweight yet super durable.
  • Carbon. Carbon fiber is flexible and durable.
  • Titanium. Even more durable than steel but a bit more expensive to make.
Different Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are cross between the best parts of mountain and road bikes. These machines descended from utility bikes in the European variety and became popular in the United States around 1990. Most of them feature curved backs and light frames, allowing you to remain upright while you ride. Hybrid bicycles are built for you to be able to transition from well-paved zones of the city to slightly more off-road sections of track. Not a pure mountain bike and not a pure racing bike, these machines are a combination of both.

Road Cycle

Road cycles are all about speed. These are the kind of racing cycles that professionals use for competition. You only want to invest in a road cycle if you’ll be out on country roads, are an expert cyclist, or are ready to max out your speed.

There are lots of different types of bikes available, and the different kinds of street bikes that you can find are better suited for city traveling. Don’t be fooled by the name “road machine!” This is a racing cycle.

Different Road Bikes

Cyclocross Bikes

While a typical road bike is built for speed, cyclocross bikes are built for speed and off-road maneuverability. Cyclocross bikes allow riders to carry them on their shoulders easily. These versatile drop-bar bikes with knobby tires can tackle courses that feature:

  • mud
  • grass
  • sand
  • other challenging surfaces.
A black and grey cyclocross bike is in the bush, and autumn leaves

Cyclocross bikes are built to take a beating. Of course, they can comfortably navigate roads in an urban environment, so you see many people using them for commuting simply. Typically, cyclocross bikes feature a lower frame reach, a higher bottom bracket, and are generally taller than road bikes.

Touring Bikes

There are a few different types of touring bicycles:

  • road touring
  • port-touring
  • expedition touring
  • mixed terrain touring models.

Mixed models are the most common. Touring bikes are perfect for long rides and multi-day cycling adventures. These bikes typically have steel frames that allow users to pack heavy loads. A long wheelbase ensures plenty of room between the pedals and any provisions that are being carried.

A bicycle is standing near the fence of the bridge

The frame is designed to provide a comfortable ride along with stable handling when weighed down with baggage. While touring bikes are perfect for long trips, they are also great for commuting too, especially if you have to carry anything with you.

Adventure Road Bikes

Two men are riding adventure road bikes through the puddles

Sometimes referred to as gravel bikes, adventure road bikes look a lot like traditional road bikes. However, they are designed to go almost anywhere, and they perform particularly well on gravel surfaces. It makes them ideal for anything ranging from riding to work to camping trips in which you plan to navigate bumpy logging roads. The main idea behind an adventure road bike is to give riders the ability to travel anywhere regardless of the distance, type of surface, or what they are carrying.

Adventure road bikes are designed for comfort.

The rider’s position is relatively low, which increases stability on tough terrain while a longer wheelbase provides a smoother and more stable ride. Whether you’re touring the city or enjoying the mountains, an adventure road bike lets you push the limits.

Fitness Bikes

Sometimes called flat-bar road bikes, fitness bikes are a lot like hybrid bikes. The wheels on a fitness bike are usually similar to a hybrid’s, as are the rider’s position and the gearing. However, rather than incorporating features that make the ride more comfortable, fitness bikes are lightweight and geared toward speed and efficiency. In other words, if you want to get a good workout as you navigate through city streets or secluded hills, this is the bike for you.

Fitness bikes can come with flat or upright handlebars, and they can be fitted with wider tires for taking on unpaved surfaces. They have plenty of room to mount cargo racks, making a fitness bike an excellent commuter bike.

A black fitness bikes is standing near the metal fence

Different Bikes in West Vancouver

Different Bikes in West Vancouver is now closed. It was located at:

1437 Clyde Ave., (Ambleside)
West Vancouver, BC
V7T 1E9

It was the first of the Different Bikes store brands, the West Van location. It operated for the longest time before closing down. It originally opened in the spring of 2006, quickly gaining popularity for knowledgeable staff and a great selection of cycles and gear. The store even offered free test rides.

Different Bikes in North Vancouver

Different Bikes in North Vancouver

The second location of Different Bikes opened in North Vancouver at:

1445 Main Street
North Vancouver, BC
V7J 1C9

But the owners sold this Different Bikes North Van location to ComorSports. In 2017 a new store with new owners, ComorSports, opened at the same location. The shop kept the same team in place and decided to build on the experience and community that the original store created. ComorSports also sells skiing and snowboarding gear, in addition to the cycling gear.

Different Bikes at Vancouver Broadway

It was the first of the store locations that closed down. Different Bikes Broadway was located at:

1421 West Broadway
(just east of Granville St.)
Vancouver, BC
V6H 1H6

This location was known for urban cycling gear. While other stores specialized in bicycles for the mountains, this store carried a lot of gear that was built for the city. The brand expanded over the years until it closed down. The store also had free parking at this location!

Different Bikes at Vancouver Broadway

Van Cycling Community

Different Bikes was a local, community-oriented cyclist shop chain that supported competitive and casual cycling. The store had machines for competition racers, cycles for casual users, and cycles for weekend adventures. The company wanted all of its locations to provide excellent customer service for any skill level and style of a cyclist who stopped by.

Different Bikes: What It Was

The brand wanted to support the community and the many types of people who were reflected in it. The company wanted to get kids and youth into cycling, helping young people develop healthy practices, including cycling. The company lived out this mission by giving to local charities and organizations that helped support access to health and fitness.

The store offered a ton of different world-class cycles. All the stores were built to be efficient and offer guaranteed reasonable pricing. The goal of the store was to be a local, trusted chain of cycling stores that integrated into the community. The store believed that when you give back to the community and treat the community right, the community will support your business.