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Personal Bike Fitting Services

EveryBODY is different

Bike fits are often overlooked. A proper bike fit can result in a more comfortable ride and potentially avoid injury.

Professional Bike Fitting

Make the most of your investment

At Different Bikes, we know the importance of a perfect bike fit. We provide a range of fit services for every type of rider to help ensure you're enjoying your new bike.

Basic Sizing and Fit

All DB locations provide basic fitting analysis with every new bike. Pre-purchase we always assess frame size to ensure you are choosing the right brand and model for your riding goals. After purchase, as a part of bike delivery, we provide a basic fit to determine saddle placement (height and fore/aft), stem length/rise, lever placement and alignment and neutral cleat alignment for clipless pedals. We strive to provide this service at bike pick-up time, but for best results an appointment is suggested.

Advanced Fitting Sessions

Different Bikes can provide in house comprehensive bike fits by appointment. Appointments available in all locations. We recommend a detailed fitting for those planning to spend significant commuting, training or racing hours on their bikes. Road cyclists in particular can benefit from a more detailed fitting analysis to ensure comfort and performance. We'll review position, pedal stroke, alignment and more. Laser and video analysis available soon! Fit sessions are priced at a competitive hourly rate and require an appointment please. 

Professional Bike Fit Partners

Catalyst Kinetics Group

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