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Bike Service Package Details

We'll get it rolling better for you, fast. Drop off your bike 7 days a week at any location!  Turnaround varies by season but we'll have it ready when we promise.

Different Service Menu – Common Items

For all packages – Major additional charges for required parts or services will be confirmed.

Warranty Tune-Up – FREE for bikes purchased at Different Bikes

Ensure everything is working properly, adjust and safety check. Recommended 2-3 weeks after a new bike purchase.

  • Brake and shifting adjustment
  • Bolt check
  • Bearing inspection
  • Lubrication

Regular Tune-Up – $49.00 plus GST

Warranty Tune-up plus;

  • Brake and shifting adjustment
  • Minor wheel truing
  • Bolt check
  • Bearing inspection
  • Moderate cleaning
  • Drive-train lube chain and
  • Drive-train wipe clean and lube (on bike)

Major Tune-Up – $79.00 plus GST

Regular Tune-up plus;

  • Drive-train clean in tank
  • Wheel truing
  • Thorough cleaning of entire bike
  • Bearing adjustment
  • Lube cables as necessary
  • Lube drive-train.

Overhaul – $179.95 plus GST

Recommended at least once a year, more often if you are a dedicated all-season commuter or rider. Top to bottom general care, cleaning, service and adjustment. Includes Major Tune-up plus;

  • Disassemble and re-grease bearing systems (hubs, bb, headset)
  • Replace all cables and housing (parts not included)
  • Bar tape on road bikes,

Specific Repair and Overhaul Services

  • Miscellaneous repairs or installations: Service rates are $60 per hour
  • Bike Build - $60. From a box.
  • Bike Build - $199. From individual parts.
  • BB Overhaul - $20. Remove, inspect, and reinstall bottom bracket and crankset.
  • Bar Tape - $20. Includes removal and installation of bar tape purchased at DB.
  • Brake Pad Replace - $15. Includes removal of old pads, installation and adjustment of new pads.
  • Bike Fit - $100.
  • Cable Installation - $15. Includes installation of cable and adjustment of cable system.
  • Drive-train Clean - $29. Includes removal, cleaning in tank, and re-installation of derailleurs, crank-set, and chain/cassette. Does not include readjustment.
  • Fork Overhaul - $60. Includes disassembling and installation of fresh oil and seals.
  • Headset Installation - $25. Includes removal of old headset and installation of new headset purchased in store, $30.00 for headset purchased elsewhere.
  • Hub Adjust - $15. Includes removal of wheel and rotor/cassette if necessary, inspection and adjustment of hub.
  • Hub Overhaul - $20. Includes above plus full disassembly of hub and new grease/bearings as necessary.
  • Hanger Adjust/Replace - $15. Includes removal of old hanger and installation of new, and adjustment of rear derailleur.
  • Spoke Replacement - $25. For one spoke install and wheel true.  Cost increases as more spokes are required.
  • Tubular Tire Install - $30+. Includes stretching and installation of tubular tire of rim, glue and valve extenders are extra.  Turn around 3 days minimum.
  • Wheel Build - $60+-. Cost may vary depending on hub/rim/spoke combinations.
  • Wheel True - $10+. Includes minor truing of one wheel, charge may increase for intensive re-tensioning and/or re-dishing.
  • Install/Replace/Cassette - $10. Includes removal of old cassette and installation of new cassette.
  • Install Chain - $12. Includes removal of old chain and installation of new chain.

The Different Bikes Lifetime Support Promise – Buy a new bike from us and get free warranty tuneups for as long as you own it!