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Ridley Bicycles 2010

We’re excited to be offering the Ridley line of road and cyclocross bikes.

Although a relatively young bicycle company (founded in 1996) Ridley has quickly become a world-recognized producer of bikes steeped in performance and cycling passion. Some say the difference is in the roots – situated near the Zolder racecourse, site of the 2002 world road race championships, the area – and Belgium in general – is a hotbed of cycling, something which has played a big part in the success of the company. Indeed, the current tagline of the company is “we are Belgium”.

Ridley is now found under top pro riders including the Katusha team and Robbie Mcewen. And now you can have one too!

We will be stocking a range of framesets and complete bikes and can source other models on short notice. Right now, the West Vancouver store has a Noah frame in Katusha colours as well as an X-Fire cross frameset. Complete Damocles bikes will be arriving soon and samples will be available in all locations. Come by and check these out – we’ll be happy to help assemble a custom build that fits your riding style and your budget.

Ridley Noah

Ridley Damocles

Ridley X-Fire

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Posted: Mar 15 2010