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Stolen Bikes Recovered

Bike Thief Caught

We hear a lot of stories from people about getting their bikes stolen. It blows me a way how often bikes are reported stolen, and most of the time they are never seen again. That is why a couple weeks ago we posted the above photo on our Facebook page (courtesy of Benjamin J Taylor's Instagram feed).

If small victories like this bring a smile to your face, then you might be happy to hear that Pinkbike has reported that the North Vancouver RCMP recently busted a known bike thief. Read the press release on the Pinkbike website for more info on this bust and how to get your bike back. 

Remember to lock your bikes up and always store them in a safe place. If your bike is stolen start checking for ads on websites like Craigslist, Pinkbike or

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Posted: Oct 23 2012