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Riding In Winter

Getting Ready For Wet Weather Riding

wet weather riding

One of the things that I love about living on the West Coast of Canada is that we can ride our bikes all year round. This fall has been unbelievably dry. Despite the great biking weather we have enjoyed, the forecast has reminded me that the inevitable wet weather biking season is on its way.

I recently stumbled on this blog post which got me thinking about what we need to bike in the rain...and  enjoy it. In case you haven't tried it, here is a a few things to think about as your get ready for your first winter ride.

Gear To Keep You Dry

Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. If you want to stay comfortable on winter rides, waterproof clothing will be your best friend. Pants, jackets, shoes and gloves will cover your basics and keep you dry, warm and happy. We carry a variety great products from companies including Gore, Sugoi and Pearl Izumi at price ranges to fit any budget.

If you are commuting and need to carry clothes or other items you might want to look into a rack and waterproof pannier for your bike.

A constant spray of dirty road water flying in your face (or up your backside) gets old really fast. When riding during even a light rainfall, you will find yourself more wet from the spray off your tires than from falling rain. Fenders are another valuable addition to your bike that come in a variety of styles and prices. 

Gear To Keep You Safe

Safety is another key consideration when riding in the winter months. Shorter days and greyed-out skies mean that you may not be as obvious to other road users. My advice is to be obvious. Sure, the black jacket might fit your style better, but a the brighter your clothing, the easier you are to see. 

A light system that includes front and rear lights will also help you navigate the streets as the days get shorter. Even more important is that they will help drivers to notice you. While a bright yellow jacket is difficult to miss, a flashing LED light is even more difficult.

Do you have any winter riding tips or stories. Feel free to head over to our Facebook page and share them with us.

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Posted: Oct 10 2012
Store: Vancouver