Different Bikes


After 12 seasons of selling, servicing and generally just loving bikes, we have now handed off this passion to a new generation of owners.

Fresh Framesets: Intense 951 and Niner Rip 9

If you are out taking a rip on Seymour stop by and check out the fresh framesets from Intense and Niner!

For all your downhill needs we have Intense 951 frames in stock in Small (red) and Large (black). They list out with an SRP of $3295 but we are VERY aware of cross border pricing.

Check out photos, videos and more information at NSMB.com: http://www.nsmb.com/2980-intense-951-dh-race-frame or www.intensecycles.com.


For those that prefer a super capable XC/All Mountain rig, bigger guys, or those that just want to try something different we also have stock in the new Rip-9 29'er from Niner bikes. 

This is the newly redesigned version of one of the most popular dualie 2-9'ers made. Frameset in stock in Anno-black.

More information at www.ninerbikes.com

Any questions? Fire us a call, stop by the shop to check out these beauties, or fire me an e-mail.