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Different Bikes Strava Rides are launched all summer!


The Ride is divided in two geographical areas, Vancouver (downtown, and South), and the North Shore.

The Rides will take place every 2 weeks during all summer!
For the July Challenge you will get the choice between a mountain biking and a road biking segment to ride Until July 15th, in each geographical area.
The Vancouver rides are related to Different Bikes Vancouver store and the North Shore's rides to Different Bikes West Vancouver.

North Shore Segments:


Vancouver Segments:



Free major tune ups (79 $ value) for the winners of each draw, and 10% off in West Vancouver and vancouver stores from the time you enter the draw to the end of the Ride.

For more information and to enter the draw, go on our Facebook page/events.

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Posted: Jul 05 2016
By: DB Van
Store: DB General