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Christmas Gift ideas at the Broadway Store

As it isn't too long until Christmas I thought I'd put together some gift ideas to help you (and Santa)!

We have all of these in stock and ready to be wrapped!

Incredibell Jellibell. A really easy to use and bright bell for any kids (or adults) bike! They come in purple, red, green, blue, orange….

Abus Futura 64 Compact lock. This is one of the most popular locks we sell, it is the most secure lock we keep in stock, and one of the lightest!

Sock Guy socks! Make the most generic Christmas present a little bit more exciting!

Lezyne Macro Drive and Mini Drive lights. For the daily commuter, or even if you want to have a go at riding at night off road, USB chargeable. We have lots of alternatives in stock also.

A nice set of winter gloves! These are the Gore Countdown women`s gloves. Fully waterproof and nice and warm!

A starter kit for a new rider. This is a great way to get the basics for repairing your own bike. This one from Lezyne includes tire levers, a multi tool, tube patches, a pump and a pouch to keep it all in!

An animal horn! Come on, who wouldn`t want a lucky cat, moose, orca, dinosaur, panda to grace their bike!

A great pump! Pumping tires can be a real pain unless you get a good pump. I have had one of these for the past 3 years and it makes life so much easier. Available for road or mountain bike, and with or without a gauge!

A good multi tool. Here we have a great selection; Pedros ICM (the most popular we sell), Blackburn Toolmanator 3 (includes an emergency shock pump), Super B FD50 and FD45 (all the essentials in a slim package),  Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite (a multi tool that`s a ratchet!) Any of these would be great for any cyclist!!

A bike computer! If you are logging lots of miles as a commuter or on the weekends you might as well keep track! This is the Velo Wireless + from Cateye. It is really easy to mount as there are no cables!

A cleaning kit! Bikes can get pretty dirty at this time of year. Here we have a pack of bike specific brucshes, a 1L bottle of Muc-Off and some Wet Lube. A great set for any type of bike!

Zoonimals! Why wouldn't you want an animal light, Panda, Pig or Cow!!!!!

Come by the store any time to have a look at any of these gift ideas or ask us for a recommendation!

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Posted: Dec 08 2014
By: davidm
Store: Vancouver