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The Golden Age of Mountain Biking?

I was having a bit of a clear out at the Broadway store and came across some product catalogues from 2000 - 2005, some of these are my favourite bikes/parts of all time!


GT Lobo with RockShox disc brakes, GT DH concept bike, the GT trials bike, thermoplastic front triangles...what more could you ask for!!!


How can you tell if it is a DH bike? Look for the massive fender! Fox air rear shocks and Brian Lopes edition forks!


I wanted a GT Power Series BMX more than anything! Roach parts (R.I.P.?), Marzocchi Shiver single crown and Monster T forks!


Norco DH bike with possibly the steepest head angle ever, RaceFace cranks, ISIS drive!


Arrow DSS dirt jump frame, The Balfa BB7 (a personal favourite), Azonic Eliminator (basically the same as everyone elses DH frame at that time)!

If I come across any more I will put them up!

Come by the store any time to chat about new parts or reminisce about days past!

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Posted: Oct 21 2014
By: davidm
Category: In Store, We Ride, News,
Store: Vancouver