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Giant Reign Advanced 1 Build

We just finished setting this up for a customer so thought I'd share it!

2015 Giant Reign Advanced 1, the customer wanted to do a narrow wide ring conversion and add some Blackspire Sub 4 pedals.

This is the bag of bits that we took off; front derailleur, chain guide, cable and outer, 2 x chain rings and bolts, 2 chain links, and the shifter, came to 1lb 5oz (don't forget that this doesn't take account of the chainring that went back on). 

The finished bike and the final weight! Not bad for a longer travel all mountain bike that you could happily ride on the North Shore or up at the Whistler bike park!

We are happy to modify any bike, in any way you like, come by the Broadway store for details any time!

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Posted: Jan 23 2015
By: davidm
Store: Vancouver