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Point Grey Triathlon 2014

Today was the Point Grey Triathlon, we were there from 5.45am this morning carrying out safety inspections on competitors bikes and helmets!

The sun was just was early!

Mike set up and ready to check bikes and helmets!

First inspection of the day, many more to come!

Some of the first competitors getting onto their bikes after the swim

Lots of quick changeovers

Also lots of alien helmets amongst the faster competitors!

Our friend during the quiet times

Overall a beautiful day for the event, not a cloud in the sky!

Unfortunately we had to leave before the event finished (to open the store), we hope all those who competed had a great day!

A final note; please have a quick look at your helmet before coming to an event like this, it must be free from cracks/damage and be within 3 - 5 years from the date of manufacture (normally printed on a sticker inside).

We had a number of competitors who had damaged helmets that we couldn't certify. We check the helmets for safety to protect you, if they do not meet the above criteria please look into a replacement to avoid disappointment on the day. A basic adult helmet starts from around $50.

We had a great time today and we look forward to seeing you at the next event! 

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Posted: Jul 27 2014
By: davidm
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