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2015 Rocky Mountain Dealer Launch!

So what goes into picking the bikes that we will stock for 2015?

Firstly we have an early start and a ride of Fromme on some of the new bikes from Rocky Mountain!

Here is Mike proudly repping Different Bikes!

And me, not quite so awake, trying to keep up with Mike this early in the morning is not my usual start to the day!

About to set off on one of the best rides I've had in a while aboard the new Instinct. My over confidence on this amazing bike soon turned into a crash and a big bruise in a delicate area! This was the bike that suprised me the most, I had the aluminium version for a bit last year and I wasn't that sold on it. However the carbon version with a 2.4 Maxxis tire on it felt amazing, even if I couldn't work out which brake did which wheel (I run the rear brake on the left on my bike)! Honestly the most fun I've had on a bike in a while, it felt like it would roll over anything!

Following my crash I took out the Altitude for a more leisurely ride on Bobsled...

Free lunch!!!

The best graphics ever? the new Blizzard fat bike.

Want to see what an $11,500 bike looks like?! New Di2 Ultegra shifting, Ride9, Carbon frame etc....

Rocky's new lin up for next year looks great, if you haven't had the chance to ride an Altitude, Instinct or Thunderbolt then you are missing out!!!

Also there are some new RC disc bikes for those looking for a flat bar road bike/commuter bike.

And that is pretty much it! Now just got to process some information and put an order together! Thanks to Rocky for a great day, can't wait for next year!

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Posted: Aug 26 2014
By: davidm
Store: Vancouver