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Bike To Work Year

Riding to work is not for everybody, however, a few times a year, we try to convert a few more people to get out of their cars, out of the bus and on their bikes during Bike To Work Week. When the weather is nice and the sun is out, it is much easier to wake up, grab your bike and ride to work. However, when Bike To Work Week is in October/November this becomes a bit more difficult. The sun may not be out, the days are getting shorter and it just takes a little bit more planning to get on your bike. But you know what? You still have the same invigorating feeling when you get to work or when you get home after work. That does not change. If anything, the feeling is even greater, knowing that you did it, you made the effort, embraced the elements and won.

Here are a few tips on how to embrace the elements in the fall and winter:

1) Get the right gear. Water proof jacket ( A water proof/breathable ), Water proof pants, good gloves, under layers with wicking properties

2) Change in to your work clothes. Really don't try to dry your clothes while wearing them. Yes you will sweat but a clean shirt will go a long way.

3) Put some fenders on your bike. Yes, the rain falls from above and water will splash if you go thru a puddle but with fenders you will keep the dirt off your back and face from the spray.

4) Make sure that you are seen. Have a good front and rear light. Have reflective clothing, have reflective tires, and make sure that you make eye contact with your fellow road users.

5) Take a bit of extra caution if you go thru an intersection. Slow down if you are taking a corner and there are wet leaves on the ground or potential  black ice. Use your common sense and slow down a bit. Like when driving a car, ride according to the road conditions.

6) Feel good about yourself. You are not stuck in a bus or a car and you get some exercise to boot.

If you still need advice or if  you need some help getting the right gear. Please drop by Different Bikes Vancouver at 1421  West Broadway, we have loads of gear, great prices and honest advice.


Bike To Work Week YEAR