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Wheel Building by a Beginner

I have been meaning to do this for a long time, build a set of wheels and write about how I got on!

This is not going to be a step by step guide but more of a commentary on the process. I want to find out what building a wheel really takes. It can’t be that hard can...

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First off what is a trainer and why would you need one over the coming months?


They basically consist of a metal roller on a frame that allows you to ride your bike without actually going anywhere! So you can ride your bike at home in your apartment without having to ride...

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6 Tips To Get Your Bike Ready For Winter!

Get Your Bike Ready for Winter

We get asked all the time what are the best things that can be done to keep a bike running as best as possible so here are six quick tips!

1. Give your bike a really good clean and try to keep it as clean as possible during the...

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Posted: Oct 10 2014
By: davidm
Category: In Store, News,
Store: Vancouver

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